Gig Harbor Midwifery provides comprehensive prenatal, birth, postpartum, and initial newborn care for our healthy low-risk clients planning deliveries at home or in freestanding birth centers.

Serving Kitsap County, Pierce County, and portions of King, Thurston, and Mason Counties within a 90 minute driving radius of the Gig Harbor Midwifery clinic.

Gig Harbor Midwifery

Midwives believe that for most women, pregnancy, birth and postpartum are among the healthiest times of their lives. Midwifery care focuses on the ways in which mothers can prepare their bodies and minds for the work of growing, birthing and then feeding healthy babies, while at the same time finding themselves in their new roles as mothers.

As a midwife I believe strongly that pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are healthy, normal events which just happen to be extraordinary. All women deserve thorough, supportive and attentive care during this important time. I strive to form strong relationships with my clients built on mutual trust and respect.

Within the boundaries of safety, each family has the right to give birth in a satisfying and meaningful way. My philosophy emphasizes the importance of prenatal education, empowerment and shared decision making throughout your care. Decisions about your care will be made in full consultation with you.