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On-Call number: (253) 285-1954

Calls to our on-call line will automatically forward to the on-call midwife. We are frequently unable to answer the phone but will retrieve messages within 15 minutes. Depending on the nature of your contact we may take a few hours to respond, particularly if we are in clinic.

The call line cannot accept text messages. Please do not text this number.

If you are unable to reach us after repeated attempts and you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911 or proceed immediately to the nearest hospital.

Reasons to Call (warning signs):

  • Your bag of waters has broken; this may be a trickle or a gush. Call/text within 5 minutes.

  • Signs of labor before 37 weeks of pregnancy: this may include menstrual-like low back pain or low abdominal cramps that don’t subside after rest and hydration.

  • Any significant* vaginal bleeding at any time during your pregnancy (*light spotting after 37 weeks is ok).

  • You are concerned that your baby hasn’t moved today, or is moving less frequently.

  • Severe vomiting/inability to keep fluids down.

  • Severe persistent abdominal pain.

  • Fever above 100.4F.

  • Severe, sudden swelling in hands, feet or face that remains after rest and hydration.

  • Severe persistent headache that does not resolve with hydration, rest/sleep, massage, or other home treatments.

  • Dizziness or visual disturbances beyond the first trimester.

  • Pain with peeing, or kidney pain.

  • Painful, reddened area in one leg.

  • Any other urgent medical concerns that cannot wait for a routine return call.

  • Also see your Postpartum Instruction Sheets for a list of reasons to call after the baby is born.


For routine questions and non-urgent concerns, including scheduling questions, you can also reach us by secured email through the Client Care EHR or

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